R.C.T works side by side with businesses on large projects to make their job easier and stress free. We have obtained this knowledge through many years of experience in the communication industry. By understanding the systems rules, challenges and weaknesses we are capable of creating and supplying products with less risk. 

We provide innovative customised products, from concept to development, meeting all industry and environmental standards.  

High Resolution RF-RSSI Analyser
Industrial Portable VPN access units Riotinto - Marine
Remote fire/bilge alarm monitoring system 3G+UHF Riotinto - Marine
Ruggedised RFID 900MHz Antenna R&D BHPBilliton - Rail








 R.C.T also has an shopfront with service technicians to cater your problems and needs. We are well known in specialising in the Locomotive, Marine, Mining and government industries, but because of this shopfront service we are capable of providing service to anyone with product selections.