R.C.T has been specialising in the railway communications and signalling Industry for over 25 years. With this experience we have earned the reputation of being Reliable, Committed, and a Trustworthy service provider.

We offer wide range of services including:

  • Service and installation of rail communications     
  • Product development of wireless solutions       
  • Consulting, Railway, Australian compliance and regulations  
  • Specialising in radio communications and signalling                                                               

For Example 

  • ICE train radio communications
  • Two way radios
  • Rail electronics                                                                      
  • Distributed Power Systems 
  • Automatic Train Protection
  • End of Train monitors
  • Onboard signalling and controllers 

Previous Projects:

  • State Rail Authority & National Rail (NR): Onsite technical support for installation of onboard communication system.
  • Public Transit Authority: Project management, installation & commissioning of operator console system. Service, repair & maintenance on two-way radios fleet.
  • BHP Billiton:
    • Supply, Installation and commissioning of onboard voice communication and commissioning of the signalling and other wireless equipment on the fleet SD70Ace locomotives. 
    • Decommissioning of communication, signalling fire protection and electronic/electrical equipment on the Dash 8's and SD40 locomotives fleet.
    • EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) study, CENELEC standards.
    • R&D and product development for customised RFID antenna solutions
  • FMG/GE:
    • SAT on the RF coverage for the GE PTC (positive train control) vital and non-vital communications. High geographical resolution and high level resolution survey.   
    • SAT on the TWC communications system on the Solomon line.
    • On-board Installation of the Tetra voice communications system on all SD90s, SD70 & Dash 9 locomotive.
    • Supply, Installation and commissioning of on-board voice communications (analogue & Tetra) on the new fleet of  SD70Ace locomotives.   
    • Supply, Installation and commissioning of on-board voice communications (Tetra) on the second hand fleet of SD90 locomotives.
  • CBH: Service and maintenance of communication and electronic equipment on the CBH   locomotive fleet.